The Reckoning: Sword of Tomorrow

The Reckoning: Digital Demon

One warrior. Two worlds. One destiny.
She was a warrior from the past, trying to save her kingdom by searching for a sword engulfed in flames called the Sword of Tomorrow. The past and the future created the blade to stop a cataclysmic event called The Reckoning. The sword allows the user to travel thousands of years into the future. Not knowing this, she accidentally travels to the future and sees a giant orb destroying a city. She hears voices telling her to go to the sphere. The warrior fights through the city and makes it to the light beam. She's transported inside and discovers the dark truth and her true destiny. The evil entity inside is her, with a digital demon floating above. She soon realizes she must defeat herself and destroy the orb to save the past and the future.
Thanks for reading the first short story. I plan on making more in the future. While you're here, browse my portfolio or visit my online stores (Raccoon Paradise & for other inspiring art. Follow me on social media using the link below. 

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