1. I respect your privacy. If you do not accept, YOU WILL NOT be tracked (I'm using Adobe Portfolio, Google Analytics, and Shopify). If you're concerned about privacy, I recommend using an ad-blocker with anti-tracking services. Brave Browser is a great privacy-focused browser. VPNs are also good. Like walls around a fortress, these won't 100% stop companies from tracking you, but they are better than nothing. 
 1a. I use Adobe and Google to track traffic on Etzart. The data is used to improve the website and might be used to improve my photography. Since store.etzart.com and raccoonparadise.com use Shopify, you are subject to their privacy policy.
1b. Adobe, Google, and Shopify have completely different Privacy Policies. Please visit their websites to learn more about them.
1c. If you have any questions about your privacy on Etzart, please contact me, and I will do my best to answer them.
2. If I've taken photos of you (inlcuding your furry friend) and given you a link to a password-protected page. No one will have access to that page except for you, and who ever you choose to share it with, and me. Your photo will only be displayed on the little preview thumbnail with a watermark next to other people's photos. I will not share your photos on social media or any other parts of my websites that the public can view without your permission. You can request that any photo (including the thumbnail photo as mentioned above) you may have ended up in be removed. You can also just have the thumbnail photo removed. If you don't mind that I share them, please message me back on Instagram. If I sent you an email, reply to, that email.   
3. As always feel free to email me at elijah@etzart.com or send a DM on Instagram
or you can use one of the options at the bottom.
(After closing the cookie banner it should not re-appear for a year.)
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